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 ♦ About us 

“Favorit – Machinex” Ltd is a private company, established in the year of 2000 which exists and develops its activities on the territory of the town of Lyubimets. The company’s main function is design and production of wood processing machines and machinery equipment.

    The company’s nomenclature comprises wide range of products – form- milling machines, lathes with copying device, drilling unit machines, circulars,  joining lines.

    Since the last year “Favorit – Machinex” Ltd is producing lines for cutting out and bilateral processing of layered wood (plywood) into lamellas and since the beginning of the 2006 the firm introduce in production automatic finger jointing line and optimization cutting line.

    Most of the machines can be programmed. They are widely applied in the furniture producing industry, in the production of toys and in the package production. There is a great interest towards them by both Bulgarian and foreign traders because of the specific character of the products. A big part of the company’s production is for export in countries like Russia, Romania, Serbia, Macedonia, Poland.

 ♦ Markets   

 The great interest exists due to the specific characteristic of the products as from bulgarian, so from foreign companies and dealers as well. The big part of the product of the company is for export to countries as Russia, Romania, Macedonia. The main our partners are a bulgarian and foreign companies, working for the world known swedish company-Ikea, leading in the sphere to the home furnish.

   ♦ Memberships 

  The company is a member of the Bulgarian Branch Chamber of Machinebuilding as well as to the  Branch Chamber of Woodworking and Furniture Industry. The association take part to annual international fairs and the exhibitions.

   ♦ Partners

  “Favorit – Machinex” Ltd is an official representative of the Italian company for manufacturing wood processing tools - G3 Fantacci, Italy. 

    ♦ Prizes

   With gold medal and diploma from the International technical fair in Plovdiv copy machine-FK 200 S. 02 was  prized in 2002, the copy lathe SK4-SF1000 was awarded in 2004 with the same medal as well.

    ♦ Certificates

     Company "Favorit-Machinex" Ltd. has Certificate Management System of Quality according to BDS EN ISO 9001:2008 and EN ISO 9001:2015, In accordance with the procedures of the certification body TÜV NORD Bulgaria EOOD.


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