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        The assembling line AAL 2M  has been done specifically for produce of frames for the cots.

Assembly line is composed of the following units and components:

I. Working table - in the construction of the machine are two working tables. They consist of the following:

1. Two groups holding devices (interchangeably) for bars with a distance between 67 and 71 mm.
2. Adjustable system for
alignment sticks with different lengths;
3. Bases controlling the right corner of the frame;
4. Servo-drive control for the working table movement on linear bearings.

II. Belt conveyors (feeders) for the side rails.
They are four, two for each side of the machine.

1. Pneumatic mechanism for holding, turning and placing the rails in the pre- pressing position;
2. Conveyors move on linear bearings for easy adjustment of different size frame.

III. Pressing system.

Pressing system include:
1. Two servo motor on linear bearings to ensure the exact size of the final frame;

2. Pressing is done by metal strips, powered by servo motors.

The servo system helps to precisely control the external size of the finished frame.

IV. Gluing system.

The gluing system is made of four gluing unit - two on each side. Each is driven by servo motor on linear bearings. Aggregates have three nozzles. When the nozzle  enter in the hole, a spring valve inject glue. The glue  in the system is stored in four tanks, controlled on twelve electric valves - three for each tank.

V. Nailing system.
Is composed of eight nailing gun - four on each side. Managed air. The control quantity of the nails into the guns is doing automatically. 

VІ. Control system.
It comprises a programmable controller, CNC servo system with eight axes of control and display system for setup and control of the machine.

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